Food Service Design Group

Food Service Design Group [FSDG] was established as a division within San Diego Restaurant Supply to provide quality food service consulting and design. Our services are directed to anyone who is planning any type of food service establishment. Food Service Design Group consists of a team of commercial food service design professionals who have a passion for innovative design, production enhancements and operational efficiencies. With over 70 years of combined experience in the food service design industry, our designers have developed a successful design process, translating our client’s ideas into reality.

It is our goal at FSDG to provide the client with a positive and integrative experience while presenting them with an exceptional design that exceeds their expectations. With the given budget in mind, we strive for creativity in our design solutions in order to maximize efficiency and to best suit the client’s operational needs. Our expertise allows us to ease the mind of the client as they watch their project come to life.


An Idea
A Dream, A Need

All food service establishments begin with an idea, a dream, or a need. To act on that idea is to develop a design concept. Our philosophy on design is to take that dream to the next level, to develop a design concept that is functional, economical, and meets the needs of our clients.

Recent Projects

Verge Corporate Café
Music Box, San Diego
Zion Market, San Diego
Residence Inn, Bayfront
Beshock, San Diego
Half Door Brewery, San Diego
The Lot, La Jolla/Liberty Station
Cold Beer & Cheeseburgers, San Diego
Burger Lounge, CA/Nevada
Cinepolis, Multiple Locations
The Original Fish Company, Los Alamitos
Costa Mesa Tavern & Bowl